a proven confident leader

Local Schools Attended


  • Edgewater High School Graduate/Alumni
  • Howard Middle School/Wymore Tech
  • Rock Lake Elementary
  • Lake Silver Elementary

Other schools of interest attended by family, Include:

Maitland Area Schools

Winter Park High School

Lake Sybelia Elementary

Hungerford Elementary

Jones High School

Clubs and Organizations:

Boys and Girls Club

Tom Skinner Club 

Frontline Outreach

First Baptist Church Orlando (Youth Events)




Candidate McIntyre is surrounded by his supportive spouse, and a joyous family of six (6) children - 2 young ladies and 4 charming young men. They are into everything from working hard, playing football, basketball, running track, dancing , gymnastics, washing dishes to cleaning their rooms.

The McIntyre family is a christian oriented family with local ties in the community. 

"In God We Trust."



Sheriff Candidate Eric McIntyre graduated with an Honors B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice Administration - Columbia College -Missouri/Orlando

and since 1998 has held an American Bar Associaton (ABA) approved A.S. Degree in Paralegal Studies - Southern College - Orlando

McIntyre has served as:

  • Vice Chairman, Secretary, Member - Police Municipal Pension Trust Fund Board (Representing Eatonville Police)
  • Past Chairman, Vice Chair and Member,Criminal Nuisance Abatement Board - City of Orlando
  • Member, Community Advisory Committe - Neighborhood Center for Families (Eatonville)
  • Orange County Public Schools Volunteer/Mentor/Supporter
  • Valencia College Criminal Justice Institute Advisory Board (Agency Liasion)
  • Legal Aid Society, Orange County Bar Association, Past Volunteer, Intake and Outreach Interviewer (1990 - 1995)
  • Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office, Past Intern, 1990
  • and much more...