Eric McIntyre for Orange County Sheriff - "Your Community - Your Voice"

To my new Friends, Orange County Voters and Families


In the more recent years, months and days, I have witnessed the decline in Community Policing, effectiveness of Officers, and the trust that the community has when it comes to Law Enforcement; which are all keys to creating a more unified and safer Orange County. 

I have served several distinguished, honorable and respectable roles throughout my career, and one that holds dear is being an advocate for the citizens of the community. In this role I have learned that in order to meet the needs of the community, the citizens must have a platform to be heard and action plans must be created and executed.


My campaign slogan is “YOUR COMMUNITY- YOUR VOICE”, and that platform was created for the citizens to be heard. 

I want to bring back Community Policing because Officers must be engaged with the community in order to rebuild the broken relationships. Having officers patrolling the community lets the citizens know that we are in place to prevent and respond to emergent and non-emergent situations. It lets our children and residents know that we are human; we are approachable, and we understand their concerns for safety and relationships that include trust. 


Trust, Integrity, Smart, Leader Orange County Sheriff Candidate Eric McIntyre

"Your Community - Your Voice"

Eric McIntyre is a homegrown native of central Florida. He has lived, worked, attended local schools, and has raised his children in the community.  For over 45 years, he has worked tirelessly to make it a better place. 

"I want you to know that I am a Law Enforcement Officer with proven leadership, having over 25 years of combined Legal and Law Enforcement Experience.  More importantly, I am not a politician."  


United By A Common Goal

Your Vote for Eric McIntyre for Orange County Sheriff means that you support his endeavor for:

Protecting the Elderly and our Children, Addressing Domestic Violence and Combating the current drug concerns, such as abuse of opioids and prescription medications. Provide for counseling and compensation to victims of criminal acts and rehabilitation for addictions and treatment for Mental Health. 

Let us Stand in Unity for our community.

Get Involved in supporting Eric McIntyre, Candidate for Orange County Sheriff. Give a Dollar or walk

Get Involved

Candidate McIntyre can't win this race without your help. Walking  neighborhoods, word-of-mouth, and donating are some ways of helping. 


"Your community - Your voice"

A Viable Front Runner - Orange County Sheriff Candidate Eric McIntyre - Your Community Your Voice

Making for a United Orange County Community - Aimed to Fight Domestic Terrorism - Protecting Tourists - Transparency - Safer Communities - More Positive Public Safety.


Candidate McIntyre wants to reach out to the community at large as a  Seasoned Law Enforcement Officer, a citizen, a family man, and a mentor not as a politician.